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Our Chancellors
and Vice-Chancellors

: a biographical sketch





  The NUS Libraries is pleased to present Our Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors: a Biographical Sketch as part of its Centenary celebrations in 2005. It provides a broad overview of the University, including its history, its present structure and the personalities involved that helped shaped the institution.



Roll of Honour

1949-1961       Malcolm John MacDonald
1962-1965       Lee Kong Chian
1965-1970       Yusof Bin Ishak
1971-1981       Benjamin Henry Sheares
1981-1985       C. V. Devan Nair
1985-1993       Wee Kim Wee
1993-1999       Ong Teng Cheong
1999-             S. R. Nathan

King Edward VII College of Medicine
1905-1909       G. D. Freer
1909-1918       R. D. Keith
1918-1929       G. H. MacAlister
1929-1947       George V. Allen
1947-1949       D. W. G. Faris

Raffles College
1928-1931       R. O. Winstedt
1932-1934       J. Watson
1935-1937       F. J. Morten
1937-1938       A. Keir

1938-1941       G. M. McOwan
1946-1948       W. E. Dyer
1948-1949       George V. Allen

University of Malaya
1949-1952       George V. Allen
1952-1956       Sydney Caine
1957-1962       Alexander Oppenheim 

Principals (Singapore Division)
1959-1960       A. A. Sandosham
1960-1961       Alexander Oppenheim (Acting)
1961-1962       B. R. Sreenivasan

University of Singapore

1962-1963       B. R. Sreenivasan
1963-1967       Lim Tay Boh
1968-1975       Toh Chin Chye
1975-1980       Kwan Sai Kheong

Nanyang University

1954-1955       Lin Yu Tang (Chancellor)
1956-1964       University managed by an Executive Council
1960-1964       Chuang Chu Lin
1965-1969       Huang Ying Jung (Acting)
1969-1972       Rayson Lisung Huang

1972-1975       Hsueh Shou Sheng
1975-1976       Lee Chiaw Meng
1976-1977       Wu Teh Yao (Acting)
1977-1980       Tan Chok Kian (Director General)

National University of Singapore

1980-1981       Tony Tan Keng Yam
1981-2000       Lim Pin
2000-2001       Shih Choon Fong

2001-2008       Shih Choon Fong
2008-             Tan Chorh Chuan



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