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A Sense of History:
a select bibliography on the history of Singapore

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Singapore: General

A. Samad Ismail . Memoir A. Samad Ismail di Singapura. Bangi, Selangor: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1993. 275p. A well-known journalist recounts the events surrounding his life and the various happenings in Singapore from the 1930s to late 1950s. 
[PL5138 Asi.Mm]

Ahmad Hassan , Nik . The Malay vernacular press. 50p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, University of Malaya, 1958. Covers the period from 1876 to the 1950s. [PN5449.1 Ahm]

Andaya, Barbara Watson  & Andaya, Leonard Y.  A history of Malaysia. London: Macmillan, 1982. 350p. Includes the history of Singapore. [DS596 And]

Barber, Noel . The Singapore story: from Raffles to Lee Kuan Yew. London: Fontana, 1978. 224 p. [DS599.6 Bar]

Baker, Jim . Crossroads: a popular history of Malaysia & Singapore. Singapore: Times Books International, 1999. 423p. Covers the history of Malaysia and Singapore to the 1990s.
[DS596 Bak]

Bastin, John , comp. Travellers' Singapore: an anthology. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1994. 260p. [DS599.2 Trl]

Baker, Maurice . A time of fireflies and wild guavas. Singapore: Federal Publications, 1995. 130p. [DS599.51 Bak]

Berry, Linda . Singapore's river: a living legacy. Singapore: Eastern Universities Press, 1982. 131p. [DS599.2 Ber]

Bryant, Richard John Lee . The maritime fabric of Singapore, 1819-1914: a historical geography. 397p. Thesis (Ph.D.) - Monash University, 1994. Microfiche.

Bukit Merah: from a hilly kampong to a modern town. Singapore: Federal Publications, 1996. 240p. [DS599.6 Buk]

Chan, Gabriel Eng Han . The contributions of the volunteer corps to Singapore's internal security and defence 1854-1984. 94p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1987. [D6 *1987 2]

Chan, Gabriel Eng Han . The Volunteer Corps: contributions to Singapore's internal security and defence, 1854-1984. Singapore: Singapore Command and Staff College, 1990. 57p. 
[UB325.12 Cha]

Chen, Ai Yen . The mass media, 1819-1980. IN Chew, Ernest C. T. & Lee, Edwin, eds. A history of Singapore. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1991. Pp. 288-311. [DS599.63 His]

Chew, Ernest C. T.  & Lee, Edwin , eds. A history of Singapore. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1991. 442p. [DS599.63 His]

Chew, Melanie . Memories of the Fullerton. Singapore: Fullerton Hotel, 2001. 175p. Published to commemorate the opening of the Fullerton Hotel, the book traces the history of Singapore’s trade and economic growth. [GT3879.2 *Ful.Ch]

Daljit Singh  & Arasu, V. T.,  eds. Singapore: an illustrated history, 1941-1984. Singapore: Information Division, Ministry of Culture, 1984. 397p. [DS599.61 Sin]

Davies, Donald . Old Singapore. Singapore: Donald Moore, 1954. 52p. [[DS599.7 Dav]

Davies, Donald . More old Singapore. Singapore: Donald Moore, 1956. 47p. [DS599.7 Dav]

De Cruz, Gerald . Rojak rebel: memoirs of a Singapore maverick. Singapore: Times Books International, 1993. 239p. [DS599.51 Dec]  

De Koninck, Rodolphe . Singapore: an atlas of the revolution of territory. Montpellier, France: Groupement d'Interet Public Reclus, 1992. 128p. [DS599.2 Dek]

The development of Nee Soon community. Singapore: National Archives & Oral History Department, 1987. 286p. [DS599.2 Dee]

George, F. J.  The Singapore saga. Part 1. Singapore: F.J. George, 1985. 438 p. [DS599.6 Geo]

Godement, Francois . The new Asian renaissance: from colonialism to the post-Cold War. London: Routledge, 1997. 313p. Translated from the French by Elisabeth J. Parcell. Has references to the evolution of Singapore and Malaysia. [DS35 God]

Goh, Chor Boon . The role of state and society in the development of science and technology in Singapore: a historical and socio-cultural perspectvie. 468p. Thesis (Ph.D.) – University of New South Wales, 1995. [T173.512 Goh]

Hong, Lysa  & Yap, Jimmy . The past in Singapore's present. Commentary, 11(1):31-38, 1993. [DS599.1 C]

Hsu, Yun-Ts’iao . The sesquicentennial chronology of Singapore, 1819-1969. Journal of Southeast Asian Researches, 5:1-84, 1969. In addition to the chronology, there are interesting pictures and maps. [DS501 JSR]

Jayapal, Maya . Old Singapore. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1992. 87p. [DS599.4 Jay]

Josey, Alex . Singapore: its past, present and future. Singapore: Deutsch, 1979. 218p. 
[DS599.63 Jos]

Jumabhoy, R. Multiracial Singapore. Singapore: S. S. Mubaruk Bros., 1970]. 312p. 
[DS599.51 Jum]

Jumabhoy, R. Multiracial Singapore: on to the nineties. 2nd rev. ed. Singapore: Chopman Publishers, 1990. 343p. [DS599.57 Jum]

Hon, Joan . Tidal fortunes: a story of change: the Singapore River and Kallang Basin. Singapore: Landmark Books, 1990. 165p. [DS599.2 Hon]

Kathiravelu, Singaram . Fortifications of Singapore, 1819-1942. 75p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, University of Malaya, 1957. [DS599.61 Kat]

Keay, John . Last post: the end of empire in the Far East. London: John Murray, 1997. 385p. [DS518.1 Kea]

Kennedy, J. A.  A history of Malaya, A.D. 1400-1959. London: Macmillan, 1962. 311p. 
[DS596 Ken]

Kong, Lily  & Chang, T. C.  Joo Chiat: a living legacy. Singapore: Joo Chiat Citizens' Consultative Committee & National Archives of Singapore, 2001. 152 p. [DS599.2 Kon]

Kreta Ayer: faces and voices. Singapore: Kreta Ayer Citizens' Consultative Committee, 1994. 131p. [DS599.2 Kre]

Le Poer, Barbara L.  Singapore: a country study. 2nd ed. Washington, DC: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, 1991. 328p. [DS599.2 Scu]

Lee, Kip Lee.  Amber sands: a boyhood memoir. Singapore: Federal Publications , 1995. 170p. [DS599.63 Lkl]

Lee, Kip Lin . Emerald Hill: the story of a street in words and pictures. Singapore: National Museum Singapore, 1984. 88p. [DS599.2 Lee]

Lee, Kip Lin . Telok Ayer Market: a historical account of the market from the founding of the settlement of Singapore to the present time. Singapore: Archives & Oral History Department, 1983. 1 vol. [DS599.2 Lee]

Lee, Siow Mong . Words cannot equal experience. Petaling Jaya: Pelanduk Publications, 1985. 164p. Autobiography of a civil servant who served in Singapore from 1937 to 1965. [DS595.6 Lsm]

Lim, Irene . Secret societies in Singapore: featuring the William Stirling Collection. Singapore: Singapore History Museum, 1999. 109p. Contains a brief history of secret societies in Singapore (pp. 9-35). [HS315.12 Lim]

Lim, Jim Koon , ed. Our 70 years 1923-1993: history of leading Chinese newspapers in Singapore. Singapore: Chinese Newspapers Division, Singapore Press Holdings, 1993. 355p. [PN5449.12 Our]

Liu, Gretchen . Singapore: a pictorial history 1819-2000. Singapore: Archipelago Press in association with the National Heritage Board, 1999. 400p.  [DS599.61 Liu]

Lowe-Ismail, Geraldene . Chinatown memories. Singapore: Singapore Heritage Society, 1998. 56p. [DS599.2 Low]

Manogaran Suppiah . Telok Blangah: cradle of modern Johor 1800-1895. 109p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1988. [D6 *1988 14]

Md. Sidin Ahmad Ishak . Malay book publishing and printing in Malaya and Singapore, 1807-1949. 2vols. Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of Stirling, 1992. [Z674*BL 1]

Moore, Donald . The magic dragon: the story of Singapore. St. Albans, UK: Panther, 1975. 252p. [DS599.6 Moo]

Moore, Donald  & Moore, Joanna . The first 150 years of Singapore. Singapore: Donald Moore, 1969. 731p. [DS599.6 Moo]

Mulliner, Kent  & The-Mulliner, Lian . Historical dictionary of Singapore. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1991. 251p. [DS599.61]

Murfett, Malcolm H.,  et al. Between two oceans: a military history of Singapore from first settlement to final British withdrawal. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. 398p. [DS599.61 Btw]

Neeta Devi Dharam P. Singh . The life of Rajabali Jumabhoy: a pioneer Kutchee Khoja immigrant in Singapore. 77p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1996. [D6 *1996 20]

Ong, Sang Lim . The concept of "Malaysia" before 1941: British plans for a Southeast Asian union of British territories. 59p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1997. [D6 *1997 17]

Pang, Keng Fong . The Malay royals of Singapore. 131p. Academic exercise - Dept. of Sociology, National University of Singapore, 1984. [HM15 *1984]

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Pearson, H. F.  Singapore: a popular history, 1819-1960. Singapore: Donald Moore for Eastern Universities Press, 1961. 166p. [DS599.6 Pea]

Perkins, Jane . Kampong Glam: spirit of a community. Singapore: Times Publishing for Kampong Glam Citizens' Consultative Committee, 1984. 77p. [DS599.2 Per]

A pictorial history of Nee Soon Community. Singapore: National Archives & Oral History Department, 1987. 181p. [DS599.2 Pic]

Reena Singh.  A journey through Singapore: travellers' impressions of a by-gone time selected and arranged in a complete narrative. Singapore: Landmark Books, 1995. 219p. [DS599.61 Ree]

Road to nationhood: Singapore, 1819-1980. Singapore: Published for Archives & Oral History Dept. by Singapore News & Publications, 1984. 129p. [DS599.6 Roa]

Rose, Saul . Britain and Southeast Asia. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press, 1962. Has chapters on Singapore, Malaya and Borneo. [DS525.9 Gre.Ro]

Seet, K. K.  The Istana. Singapore: Times Editions, 2000. 207p. A history of the Istana, the official residence of the President of Singapore. [DS599.6 See]

Siddique, Sharon . Nutmeg, and a touch of spice: the story of Cairnhill Road. Singapore: Sembawang Properties, 2000. 52p. [DS599.2 Sid]

Siddique, Sharon  & Purushotam, Nirmala . Serangoon Road: a pictorial history. Singapore: Educational Publications Bureau, 1983. 117p. [DS599.4 Ser]

Siddique, Sharon  & Purushotam, Nirmala . Singapore's little India: past, present, and future. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1982. 174p. [DS599.4 Sid]

Singapore. Public Utilities Board . Yesterday & today: the story of public electricity, water and gas supplies in Singapore. Singapore: Published for the Public Utilities Board by Times Books International, 1985. 54p. [HD2768.12 Yes]

Singapore: days of old. Hong Kong: Illustrated Magazine Pub., 1992. 200p. A special commemorative history of Singapore published on the 10th anniversary of Singapore Tatler. [DS599.6 Sig]

Singapore: journey into nationhood. Singapore: National Heritage Board & Landmark Books, 1998. 136p. [DS599.6 Sig]

Singapore chronicles. Hong Kong: Illustrated Magazine Pub., 1995. 216p. A special commemorative history of Singapore published by Singapore Tatler on the 30th anniversary of the Republic. [DS599.6 Sch]

Singapore lifeline: the river and its people. Singapore: Times Books International for Oral History Department, 1986. 116p. [DS599.2 Sil]

Port of Singapore Authority. Maritime Museum , comp. Singapore port history. Singapore: Public Relations Dept., PSA, [1982?] 16p. [HE560 Sin.Sh]

Su, Elizabeth . Profile of a river. Planews,10(1):4-12, 1985. A short and interesting account of the history of the Singapore River. [NA9000 PN]

Tan, Choon Kiat . A history of Tanjong Pagar 1823-1911. 75p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1989. [D6 *1989 17]

Tanjong Pagar: a pictorial journey (1819-1989). Singapore: Tanjong Pagar Citizens' Consultative Committee, 1989. 152p. [DS599.2 Tan]

Tanjong Pagar: Singapore's cradle of development. Singapore: Tanjong Pagar Citizens' Consultative Committee, 1989. 181p. [DS599.2 Tanj]

Shennan, Margaret . Out in the midday sun: the British in Malaya 1880-1960. London: John Murray, 2000. 426p. Has interesting descriptions of Singapore. [DS596.3 She]

Tarling, Nicholas . The fall of imperial Britain in South-East Asia. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1993. 229p. [DS526.4 Tar]

Tarling, Nicholas . Imperial Britain in South-East Asia. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1975. 273p. [DS526.4 Tar]

Tarling, Nicholas , comp. Singapore and the Singaporeans since 1819. Auckland: Centre for Asian Studies, University of Auckland, 1992. 65p. [DS599.61 Sig]

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Thomas, Gabriel G.  Fortress: a military history of Blakang Mati Island. 76p. Academic exercise - Dept. of History, National University of Singapore, 1997. [D6 *1997 25]

Tregonning, K. G. A history of modern Malaysia and Singapore. Rev. ed. Singapore: Eastern Universities Press, 1972. 298p. [DS596 Tre]

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Turnbull, C. M.  A history of Singapore, 1819-1988. 2nd ed. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1989. 388p. [DS599.6 Tur]

Turnbull, C. M.  A short history of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Singapore: Graham Brash, 1981. 320p. [DS596 Tur]

Wee, Peter H. L.  From farm and kampong. Singapore: Graham Brash, 1989. 150p. 
[DS599.4 Wee]

Wee, Peter H. L.  Medical school days. Singapore: Graham Brash , 1993. 218p. Sequel to From farm and kampong. [DS599.4 Wee]

Wise, Michael  & Wise, Mun Hin , comps. Travellers' tales of old Singapore. Singapore: Times Books International, 1985. 275 p. A compilation of extracts about Singapore from 1819-1942. [DS599.2 Tra]

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Yeoh, Brenda S. A.  Community and change: the Tanjong Pagar Community Club story. Singapore: Armour Publishing, 1997. 143p. [HN46.12 Yeo]

Yong, Mun Cheong , ed. Asian traditions and modernization: perspectives from Singapore. Singapore:

Times Academic Press for Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore, 1992. 288p. [DS599.7 Asi]


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