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A Sense of History:
a select bibliography on the history of Singapore

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Newspapers [1]


Berita Harian.  Jil. 1 (1957)-  . Microfilm.

Business Times.  Oct. 1976-  . Microfilm.

Comrade.  Aug. 1946-Dec. 1946. Microfilm.

The Daily Advertiser.  Jun. 1890-Oct. 1894. Microfilm.

Eastern Daily Mail and Straits Morning Advertiser.  Sept. 1905-Jan. 1908. Microfilm.

Eastern Sun.  Jul. 1966- Apr. 1971. Microfilm.

Indian Daily Mail.  Feb. 1946-Dec. 1956. Microfilm.

Lembaga Malayu.  Sept. 1914-Dec. 1931. Malay edition of  The Malaya Tribune. Microfilm.

The Malaya Tribune.  Jan. 1914-Jan. 1951. Microfilm.

The Mid-Day Herald and Daily Advertiser.  Nov. 1894-Sept. 1898. Microfilm.

The Morning Tribune.  Feb. 1936-Feb. 1948. Microfilm.

New Nation.  Jan. 1971-Nov. 1982. Microfilm.

The New Paper.  Jul. 1988-  . Microfilm.

Singapore Chronicle.  Jan. 1827-Dec. 1830. Microfilm.

The Singapore Herald.  Apr. 1939-Sep. 1941. Microfilm.

The Singapore Herald.  Jul. 1970-May 1971. Microfilm.

Singapore & F.M.S. Weekly Advertiser.  Jul. 1918-Jul. 1920. Microfilm.

Singapore Free Press.  Jan. 1845-Feb.1962. Microfilm.

Singapore Monitor.  Nov. 1982-Jul. 1985. Microfilm.

Singapore Nippo.  May 1938-Mar. 1939. Microfilm.

Singapore Standard.  Jul. 1950-Jul. 1959. Microfilm.

Singapore Weekly Herald.  Jul. 1888-Jun. 1889. Microfilm.

Straits Budget.  Jan. 1894-Mar. 1969. Microfilm.

Straits Guardian.  May-Jun. 1854. Microfilm.

Straits Intelligence.  Jul. 1882-Sept. 1884. Microfilm.

The Straits Mail.  Dec. 1894-Feb. 1895. Microfilm.

Straits Times Overland Journal.  Feb. 1868-Dec. 1882. Microfilm.

The Straits Telegraph and Daily Advertiser.  Feb 1899-May 1899. Microfilm.

The Straits Times.  Sept. 1845-  . Microfilm.

Syonan Shimbun Fortnightly.  Jun.-Aug. 1945. Microfilm.

Utusan Melayu: Warta Singapore Free Press.  Nov. 1907-Aug. 1920. Microfilm.

Utusan Melayu.  Oct. 1939-  . Microfilm.

Warta Malaya.  Jan. 1930-Jun. 1941. Microfilm.

The Weekly Sun.  Aug. 1910-Nov. 1913. Microfilm.

1 Users are advised that there may be gaps in our holdings of the newpapers listed here.


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