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A Sense of History:
a select bibliography on the history of Singapore

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The year 1999 marked the 180th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles when he concluded a formal treaty with Sultan Hussein of Johor and Temenggong Abduír Rahman on 6 February 1819. Since its founding, Singapore has experienced much physical, economic, political and social change. It has grown from a colonial trading post into a thriving and prosperous city-state. 

An awareness and knowledge of the past will help us to better understand the present and guide us into the future. For truly, a nation without its history is like a boat without its moorings.

The NUS Library is pleased to publish this bibliography entitled A Sense of History: a select bibliography on the history of Singapore. The bibliography is aimed at students and researchers interested in the history of Singapore, from its earliest times through the period of British rule, interrupted briefly by the Japanese occupation, to independence and thereafter. This publication brings together in one volume the important books including academic exercises, theses, and dissertations; chapters-in-books; journal articles; official and parliamentary records as well as journals and newspapers relating to the history of Singapore. All the titles listed are available at the NUS Library.


Jill Quah
Director, Library & Information Resources


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