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ACM Digital Library      I2R , DSI
American Association for Cancer Research          ALL
American Chemical Society          ALL
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American Society for Microbiology          ALL
Annual Reviews          ALL
Cell Press (via ScienceDirect)          ALL
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Company of Biologists          ALL
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IEEE Xplore          ALL
Institute of Physics          ALL
Journal Citation Reports          ALL
Nature Publishing Group          ALL
PubMED          ALL
Rockefeller University Press          ALL
Royal Society of Chemistry


Science / ScienceNow          ALL
Science Express / Science Signalling          IMCB
ScienceDirect          ALL
Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) – Open Access          ALL
SciFinder (Web) Selected users of BII, ETC, IBN, ICES, IDG, IMRE, IMCB
SpringerLINK Journals          ALL
Web of Knowledge / Web of Science          ALL
Wiley InterScience          ALL